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About EarthToday

What is EarthToday?

EarthToday is a 'for-purpose company' that was founded to increase awareness of the state of the planet and accelerate its protection at scale. A tech startup with a purpose portal to facilitate companies, charities, and consumers to campaign for Earth together.

What is is the purpose portal for businesses, brands, charities, and other professional contributors. Businesses and brands purchase uon to give to their employees and customers as a purpose-driven reward. Consumers then collect the uon on their account. Organizations and professionals can also add content to share their stories with the community about their contributions to 24 global goals.

What is the business model of EarthToday?

EarthToday sells uon for €1.20 per uon including VAT. A uon is a digital proof of protection of a geocoded m2 of nature, registered in your name. €1.00 out of every €1.20 that comes in goes directly to nature protection organizations. The rest is used for the global roll-out of EarthToday, and VAT.

A zero-dividend and reinvestment policy ensures that any future profit will solely benefit the purpose. Nothing out of the uon sales revenue ends up with investors. Ever. EarthToday operates 100% for-purpose.

Who protects the m2 of nature?

We work with the Union of Nature Foundation, or UON. This is a worldwide group of collaborating nature protection organizations with proven track records in conserving, protecting, restoringm or regeneration large areas of nature all over the world.

Each of these nature protection organizations (NPOs) has the resources and capabilities to do this work successfully in their local context. They use various methods, including conservation, rewilding, restoration and sustainable development, and all are supported by and inclusive to local communities. With your contribution they protect wildlife, reintroduce keystone species, steward, acquire and manage vast areas of nature, empower local communities, safeguard indigenous cultures, and so much more.

Is EarthToday a charity?

No, EarthToday is 'for-purpose company': a commercial company with the purpose of a charity. Its unique structure assures that 83% of all the revenues generated by its business model goes directly to nature protection. This is at-par with best-in-class charities, even though EarthToday is a business. EarthToday publishes its % revenue-to-purpose online on a quarterly basis.

What is the 'purpose'?

Our purpose is to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate its protection, at scale. Our mission is to introduce a business model to collectively protect the planet meter x meter, and gather a community to share news, knowledge, and wisdom on a holistic lifestyle and steps toward 24 global goals.

Who are the board members of EarthToday?

The statutory directors of EarthToday are Kees Zegers as Chair Architect and Chiel Liezenberg as Chair Governance.

What is Uon.Earth? is an app developed by EarthToday in collaboration with Union of Nature Foundation to make nature protection available for everybody. Download the app. Collect uon. Protect Earth.

How to join EarthToday

What is a circle?

A circle is a group of people who work on one profile together. This way you can present your brand, non-profit organization, sports team, school, or any other group and inspire your own community.

How can I join as a company?

Simply start by creating a personal account. Then create a circle for your organization in your profile, and invite your colleagues to work on your group profile together. Next, you register your circle for the brand role. And we take it from there.

Can any company join?

We welcome any organization that wants to be a part of our community. Organizations that show commitment to protecting nature and serving the collective have priority in onboarding over parties who have not yet defined or started execution of their strategy of contribution.